Purso – Quality and responsibility go hand in hand

Responsibility is an integral part of Purso’s operations and an important factor in our customers’ projects.

Certified quality, ecological innovations and minimizing environmental impact are at the heart of our everyday operations. Purso has been granted certifications for ISO 9001:2015 quality control and ISO 14001:2015 environmental management systems. Our responsibility starts from a local level: Purso is a proud Finnish company that employs nearly 300 experts in the Pirkanmaa region.

Certified environmental system

Environmental responsibility at Purso translates to continuous development that aims to minimize our environmental impact while implementing best practices. Energy and material efficiency, clean energy, recycling, and lowering our products’ carbon footprints are some of our environmental focus areas.

Purso’s lengthy development work is illustrated by the ISO 14001 environmental certificate that we received in 2002.

The system guides us to set clear goals and measures for the continuous development of our environmental actions. It is founded in an environmental policy to which both our leadership and staff are committed to in all environmental actions and decisions concerning products and activities.

Improved energy efficiency

Efficient energy usage is one of the most important actions in fighting climate change. Responsible and efficient energy usage results in lower carbon emissions.

Purso’s energy efficiency agreement obligates us to regularly perform a broad review of the validity and efficiency of our energy saving measures.

Lowering our carbon footprint

Purso’s ambitious goal is to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by 50 percent per produced ton by 2025 using calculations made in 2020 as a point of comparison.

Reaching this goal requires several actions, the latest of which is the solar power plant in our Siuro factory area established in 2021.

Also located in Siuro, our thermal power plant uses renewable energy sources and produces all the process and other heat required at the premises.

Environmental impact of our products

The majority of our products feature EPD environmental declarations.

Based in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), EPD is an environmental declaration that specifies a product’s environmental impact. The product’s environmental impact calculation starts from the purchasing of raw materials.

Our environmental declarations are verified by a third party. They feature accurate information and have been confirmed as reliable sources of environmental information.

EPD, Aluminium profile, primary

EPD, Aluminium profile, secondary

Recycled aluminium

Aluminium is a visually impressive, durable, energy efficient, and fully recyclable material. Our Greenline products solidify our position as a pioneer in recyclable aluminium solutions, since our product line made entirely of recycled aluminium is the first of its kind in Finland and amongst the first similar solutions in the world.

Scrap aluminium is recycled back into our production process by remelting.

Using recycled aluminium can yield energy savings of up to 95% Recycled aluminium saves up to 95% in energy