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Purso Group Oy has acquired the majority of Kyrönmaan CNC Koneistus Oy on the 8th of September 2016.

Purso is expanding its operations into manufacturing of cooling elements which are used in wide range of electrical and electronic machinery. Cooling elements which have state-of-the-art heat transfer characteristics are used to transfer heat away from the machinery.

 - With the acquisition we are strengthening our position as leading manufacturer of demanding aluminium products in Finland. For a long time now we have delivered aluminium profiles to Kyrönmaa. In the future we are delivering the finished cooling elements to final customers.  Our aim is to develop further and expand the business, specifies Purso Oy’s Managing Director Jussi Aro.

The sellers Jussi Korajoki, Heikki Korajoki and Jyrki Haka will continue in their positions after the acquisition. Also the employees of Kyrönmaa CNC Koneistus Oy will be continuing in their former work assignments and the company will operate with the same old name.

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