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Purso Greenline – 100% recycled aluminium

Purso is among the first aluminium manufacturers in the world to create a product line for recycled aluminium – Purso Greenline.

Customer receives Purso Greenline certificate to guarantee that the product is made of recycled aluminum from start to finish. Certificate can be used in customer’s own marketing.

Energy saving, recyclability and environmental values tell that customer is acting responsibly in their own operations. In addition, using 100% recycled material improves customer’s own recycling rate. As a durable product aluminium is excellent material for recycling since it retains its quality.

Explore Purso Greenline and talk with our experts at the International Subcontracting Trade Fair 2016. Fair is held at Tampere from 27th to 29th of September 2016. You can find Purso at department A 616.

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