Thanks to the large, globally functioning energy companies based in Vaasa, subcontractors manufacturing top-quality products in the surrounding area have been able to grow and develop. Next to larger companies, a small one has to excel and be a competent expert, quick off the mark and willing to try new things.

Our target is to become the leading contract manufacturer of cooling elements in Finland over the next few years. Our customers are machine, device and light fitting manufacturers who use power electronics in their products. We manufacture cooling elements with state-of-the-art heat transfer characteristics. You can find our products all over the world in equipment made by various global companies. Our elements ensure the even cooling of electronic components and, consequently, the faultless functioning of the device.

Our products and their manufacture and sales are carefully planned. Right from the start, we invested heavily in production automation. This allows us to combine Nordic manufacturing expertise, swift deliveries from Finland and precise quality control at competitive market prices.

Our rate for notices of defects is almost zero. This is because our employees are given the opportunity to participate in developing the technical challenges we face and they are keen to embrace it. Our press brake operators know how to machine and our machinists know how to use a press brake. When our product is dispatched from our factory, you can be sure that it has been made by a person who has taken pride in its completion. When you’re in charge of the end result of your work, you want to make sure that it’s the best quality it can be.

People have a strange tendency to do more when they’re given some responsibility. We don’t run out of stock, for example, because our employees keep an eye on things and restock as needed. If a machine breaks down, our employees start fixing it right away instead of standing there waiting for someone else to do it. When you’re given the opportunity to improve and develop your own work or equipment, most people are keen to do it. All this contributes to the fact that we always deliver on time and according to the agreement, and when needed, within just one day of receiving your order.

We receive a lot of praise for our delivery reliability and excellent product quality. Because we want to keep looking forward, we have two important tasks underway. One is our own testing equipment for measuring the thermal resistance of cooling elements. The other is developing our component assembly. By investing in these two, we will simplify the product development of machine, device and light fitting manufacturers and improve both our own and your profitability.

We stand proud as the guarantors of competitive product excellence for top manufacturers in the global market. If you’re interested in cool things give us a call.

Specialist in cool things

  • Established in 1993
  • Vacon’s Supplier of the Year in 2003
  • Turnover MEUR 3.4
  • 8 employees + 3 owners
  • Located in Tervajoki, 30 km from the centre of Vaasa, 25 km from the airport
  • Since Vacon’s founding, has acted as its contract manufacturer
  • Well-established, solid company
  • Employee turnover extremely low
  • Our main products are cooling elements for power electronics