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Aluminium processing and design according to the purpose of use

Purso delivers further processed products and profiles made from aluminium promptly and expertly. In addition to specialist knowledge of raw materials and advanced product and production competence, Purso can also function as a cost-efficient partner for products that have higher added value.

Customised customer products are an important and sustainable part of the customer’s end product. The added value of profiles and further processed products can be increased according to the customer’s needs through design and surface treatment, for example. This way, Purso can work together with the customer to ensure the best possible results.


Thanks to modern technology, the quality of our customers’ end products is higher than ever. Purso produces aluminium profiles on an extrusion line that has the top extrusion force of 35 MN. We can manufacture profiles up to 300 mm wide.

Surface treatment

Surface treatment further increases the potential applications of the material because it facilitates the production of stylish and wear-resistant aluminium surfaces. Our surface treatment plants specialise in powder coating and anodising aluminium, which increases its natural corrosion resistance and lengthens its life.

Powder coating – New, colourful possibilities and a durable surface

Powder coating provides excellent mechanical and chemical resistance and offers many colour options. The tones of the RAL colour chart are normally used, but other tones are also possible. Pieces are prepared for painting with an environmentally conscious chrome-free pre-treatment to improve the adhesion and bonding of the paint. The requirements for the painted surface affect the choice of the powder type. Polyester powder is weather-resistant and does not turn yellow in UV light and heat. Since 2001 the powder coating plant has fulfilled the requirements of the German GSB standard.

Anodising enhances appearance and improves corrosion resistance

Anodising is a surface treatment method used on aluminium to form an oxide layer on the surface using electrochemical methods. In anodising, the objects to be treated are immersed as the anode in an electrolyte solution. When an electric current is passed through the solution, oxygen is released and this reacts with the aluminium, forming the desired thickness of oxide layer on the surface. The thickness and characteristics of the layer can be regulated by changing the electric current, treatment time and the composition of the electrolyte. The resulting surface is extremely hard, dense and durable, and enhances the natural metallic appearance of aluminium.

Purso uses two different anodising methods: 

  • Natural anodising (LV) for indoor and outdoor use, one tint and several layer thicknesses
  • Electrolytic colour anodising (ES) for indoor and outdoor use, seven standard tints

Other colours can also be delivered on request.

Anodising colour options:


The colour samples on the display may depart from the actual colours. Anodised samples can be delivered on request.

Purso Greenline – 100% recycled aluminium

Purso Greenline certificate guarantees that the product is made of recycled aluminum from start to finish.

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