Rakennusbetoni and Elementti Oy


Rakennusbetoni- and Elementti Oy replaced its old lighting system with Purso’s SNEP Linear M luminaires with wireless control. The company wanted to increase its lighting from the level of 200 lx to at least 500 lx. The customer also wanted to simplify the lighting control. The Linear M luminaire was selected due to its excellent light output and light distribution. Existing suspension wires and current supply were utilised in the installation.

Starting level

Dimensions:157 m x 40 m (6,300 m2)
Luminaires:168 kpl, 400 W
Installation height: 10.5 m
Power consumption:67 kW (10,7 W/m²)
Level of use:200 lx


Luminaires:207 kpl, 120W (Linear M)
Installation height:10.5 m
Power consumption:19 kW (2.9 W/m² )*
Level of use:520 lx

* The lighting has been dimmed by 25%. The level can be increased to 650 lx, which leads to the power consumption of 25 kW. If needed, the luminaires can be grouped wireless to follow control without physical connection changes.