Purso ECO

Purso’s ECO product family is the most energy-efficient choice for windows as well as lift and slide doors. The products’ thermal insulation is among the best in Europe, their functionalities can endure any weather conditions and their versatility leaves room for creative visions of the architect.


Energy efficiency for demanding conditions

The ECO product family is designed for northern conditions. The secret of its energy-efficient construction is a unique thermal break made of polyurethane, which keeps the cold outside and the heat inside. 

Implement visions, ensure usability

High quality ECO windows and slide doors don’t compromise creativity. Their advanced technology, versatile options and different uses leave plenty of room for the architect’s visions and architectural design. With the design of the products and the choice of the elements, you strengthen the unique look of the building while meeting the technical requirements of the location at the same time. 

The usability of the products will stay intact even in the demanding conditions of Northern Europe, and accessibility is also considered: the recessed lift and slide door has a low threshold that’s easy to cross. The products can also be used electronically with the open and close application. With the downloadable app, a smartphone or a tablet will act as a remote control for doors and windows. 

Aluminium profile systems are a carefree choice: their presentable appearance and functionality will remain unchanged for decades. 

  • Europe’s best thermal insulation
  • Versatile design options
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Easy care and long lifespan
  • Environmentally friendly choice

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