NAPSU – build an impressive facade easily

The NAPSU louvre slat system is a durable and attractive choice for building facades. It is easy to both install and maintain and offers plenty of choice for designing a unique facade. With NAPSU, you have a wide range of colors to realise your vision in detail. In addition to the existing shapes and designs, you can also design new ones. The NAPSU system can be integrated with glass, lighting and wood, for example.

In addition to walls, NAPSU systems can be used to create inspiring patterns on ceilings and to decorate interiors.

Giving an old building a facelift enhances the property value 

Slatted coating is an inexpensive alternative to facade renovation, as the coating can be installed on top of the old facade without having to remove anything from the old wall. During installation, business can continue as normal.

The NAPSU system allows the use of additional insulation, which also reduces heating costs.

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Carefree maintenance
  • Discreet attachment
  • Versatile and impressive choice

Upon request, we design and manufacture new NAPSU louvre slat models quickly and inexpensively according to the architect’s needs and wishes.

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