P76E facade element system

Easy-to-install element system for facade construction.

  • Highly insulated aluminium element facade system, Ucw-value down to 0,49 W/m2
    K (1500×3300).
  • Appearance according to the facade system from the inside and outside, without visible sealing groove.
  • Powder coated or anodized surface treatment. Different finishes of inside and outside possible.
  • New profile shapes can be produced easy and quickly from our experienced design and production teams.
  • Minimal care and maintanance required.
  • Completely recyclable.
  • High resistance to Nordic weather conditions
  • Air permeability AE 1200 (EN 12152)
  • Water tightness RE 1050 (EN 12154)
  • Frame width 76mm
  • Standard frame depth 170 mm.
  • Glass thickness from 56 mm up to 59 mm.
  • P76E-system will always be tailored to the project.
  • Element mounting
  • Panels

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