P94 – effectively insulated EI30 exterior fire door system

Fire safety is one of the key factors in building design. Purso’s new P94 exterior fire doors combine fire resistance and energy efficiency in an unprecedented way.

The sealing and usability are top class, making the door the most energy-efficient fire-separating exterior door on the market. The sealing method is based on Purso’s successful LK78X series. Designed for northern conditions, P94 saves energy during use and is an environmentally friendly solution throughout its long life cycle.

The advantages of P94 are

  • Most energy-efficient profile structure on the market
  • Top class thermal insulation and sealing
  • Door U-value even under 1.0 W/m2K
  • Can be easily connected to the P50L facade system
  • P94 brings efficiency to the assembly of a fire-resistant door/double door
  • Glass options from Polflam EI30, other options pending
  • Wide range of ABLOY locks
  • No moisture-sensitive materials used in the structures
  • Can be made from recycled aluminum and is fully recyclable
  • Domestic product designed according to Finnish taste and conditions
  • CE-markable

Select P94 when

  • you’re looking for a fire-resistant, modular system that meets your exterior door needs cost-effectively
  • you need extreme insulation, usability, and longevity
  • you want to reduce the building’s carbon footprint

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