When an ecological solution is needed, the ECO product family is an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient choice for new and renovating construction. Purso Greenline® recycled aluminium saves nature and consumes only 5% of the energy needed to produce primary aluminium. All Purso aluminium products have a product-specific environmental declaration (EDP).

As renovation construction becomes more common, Purso’s facade systems and energy-efficient doors and windows are well suited for the needs of housing companies, for example. It’s easy to update the facade of industrial or public buildings with weather- and time-resistant slat systems. One of Purso’s strengths is the ability to customize products – also if you want to preserve the original appearance of the building.

A first-class solution for every application

Purso’s building systems have a solution for even the most demanding projects. Advanced system technology and a wide range of products enable the realization of the architect’s visions without affecting the building’s functionality or energy efficiency.

Construction profiles are usually made from EN-AW 6063 T5 alloy. The material is light and durable, so our building systems retain their presentable appearance for decades. Purso’s building system products are ready for CE marking, and they’ve been tested in notified facilities.

We act as part of the customer’s order-delivery chain and as a product development partner. We give our building systems a guarantee and with our life cycle services we ensure that the customer is satisfied even after delivery.

6 reasons to choose a Purso building system

  • Energy efficiency
  • Versatility
  • First-class functionality
  • Available in environmentally friendly aluminium
  • Designed and manufactured in Finland
  • Withstands time, gaze, and northern conditions

Build an impressive facade easily As easy as NAPSU!

The NAPSU louvre slat system is a durable and attractive choice for building facades. It’s easy to both install and maintain, and it also offers plenty of choice for designing a unique facade.

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When the best thermal insulation in Europe, first-class functionality and extensive design possibilities unite Purso ECO

Purso’s ECO product family is the most energy-efficient choice for windows as well as lift and slide doors. The products’ thermal insulation is among the best in Europe, their functionalities can endure any weather conditions and their versatility leaves room for creative visions of the architect.

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Purso’s building systems have been trusted in these sites as well

Purso’s degree of domesticity is one of the important factors that influenced our choice of partner. It’s important in terms of service, delivery speed and flexibility, among other things. The personnel are near.