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Production units from smelting to surface treatment

Smelting plant

Purso Oy’s smelting plant is located at Ikaalinen. At this plant, aluminium is smelted, alloyed and cast into extrusion billets, which form the raw material for extruded profiles. The production of extrusion billets mainly uses remeltable raw material produced by our own extrusion plant and by industries. Through a closely controlled process, the aluminium alloy is refined into high-quality extrusion billets, which comply with the European EN standards. All the aluminium alloys used in our production are recyclable.

Extrusion plant

The extrusion plant produces aluminium profiles to order. Modern extrusion technology has resulted in a continuous increase in the use of aluminium profiles. Extrusion technology and low-cost tools offer great freedom to customise each profile to suit its intended use. In addition to building and machine building applications, aluminium is also becoming increasingly common in the transportation engineering, electrical engineering and electronics sectors. Purso’s new extrusion equipment is the most modern in Europe. Its extrusion force is 27 MN.

Light metal workshop

The light metal workshop is one link in Purso’s entire aluminium manufacturing chain panning from the extrusion billet to the component ordered by the customer. Careful planning with our customers ensures high-quality manufacture and well-timed deliveries performed with Purso’s characteristic professionalism.

Basic data of the light metal workshop
Bending: Programmable bending machines
Machining: CNC machines
Welding: TIG and MIG welding
Cutting: Straight and angled precision cutting
Punching: Presses
Finishing: Washing, brushing, drumming, etc.
Assembly: As agreed
Packing: As agreed

Transportation systems unit

The Transportation Systems Unit develops and designs aluminium profile systems for body and platform builders. Transportation system profiles include side profile series with 25 mm and 30 mm end profile covers, frame profiles, platform profiles, under-run and side protective beams and floor systems. Our range also includes a comprehensive selection of standard profiles

The customers and transport professionals get to be involved in developing products specifically for them, such as thermal break profiles, frame profiles to be glued and special profiles with many technical solutions.

Surface treatment plant

Purso provides its customers with profiles, sheets and discrete goods, either anodised or powder coated, as required. The high quality is guaranteed by regular testing, laboratory experiments and close cooperation with independent research institutes. Aluminium is usually suitable for many uses, even without any treatment. However, surface treatment is a way to add the necessary final touches.

The maximum dimensions of pieces are 8,000 x 2,000 x 400 mm for anodising and 8,000 x 1,800 x 400 mm for painting.