Information on the use terms for services

On this page, you can review the use terms and conditions for the Purso Oy user and marketing register. website user register

Controller contact details

Purso Oy
Alumiinitie 1
37200 Siuro, Finland
Business ID: 2238041-1

Our customer service can help you with any questions or feedback about the register.

Data collected by Purso

The register may include the following customer data:

  • First and last names
  • Contact details, such as email address, telephone number, and postal address
  • Organization and position
  • Organization address information
  • Direct marketing permissions and prohibitions

The website collects anonymous visitor data through Google Analytics. This means that once the page is loaded, the visitor is given an identifier, i.e. a cookie, which Google Analytics uses to compile statistics about page visitors. If the website is revisited using the same device after accepting the cookie, Google Analytics will register this but not connect the visitor data to the person.

The website server also collects anonymized data about visitors, including their IP address, browser type, operator, home page, exit page, time, and the course of the website visit. Anonymized server data can be sent to the site administrator.

Personal data are only processed when a website visitor fills out a form on the website. The form data are only used for the purposes stated on the form.

Anonymous Google Analytics visitor data are used for reporting and compiling statistics about site visitors as well as for measuring the effectiveness of marketing actions, such as publishing notifications.

Why do we process personal data?

Personal data are processed in connection with contacts, business transactions, subscribing to newsletters, taking customer surveys, participating in competitions, developing the services, reporting, marketing, and other actions relating to the management of customer relations. The business and location data contained in the register may also be used to target marketing actions and customer communications. Personal data are also processed in connection with sending out newsletters and when persons take part in events or other marketing efforts.

How are data disclosures safeguarded?

The data are stored under technical protections. We will not disclose customer data to third parties, except in situations where this is required by the actions of Finnish authorities. In competitions we arrange together with our partners, all participant data are known to and used by the partner enterprise as well, which is mentioned separately in the competition rules. The Purso register can only be accessed by the controller and separately appointed members of technical staff. Only appointed persons may process and maintain the register data. The register users are bound by non-disclosure obligations.

How can I check and modify the register data?

Data can be removed by request of the data subject or because the customer relationship ends. Data subjects may review their personal data stored in the register. The request to do so must be submitted in writing to the register controller. Data subjects may amend such personal data that have been entered into the register with errors.

How is the register protected?

Personal data are kept confidential. The data network and equipment of the controller and any possible data technology partner on which the register is located are protected by means of firewalls and other necessary technical measures.