Cost- and energy-efficient lighting solution for various environments

Our flexible and maintenance-free SNEP® lighting solution is widely suitable for different installation heights and spaces: it meets the needs of both the designer and builder as well as the property owner and user. Our solution is also energy-efficient – right from the production process, as SNEP® is made out of recycled aluminium.

When you’re looking for a domestic and durable luminaire, you will find it at Purso. SNEP® luminaires are manufactured to fit their intended use at Purso’s factory in Nokia. As proof of their Finnish origin and Finnish-know-how, our SNEP® luminaires have been awarded the Key Flag symbol.

The energy efficiency of SNEP® luminaires starts with the manufacturing process, as they are made from energy- and resource-saving recycled aluminum. The luminaires are also fully recyclable, so after decommissioning, their materials will continue to live in new products.

The benefits of the right kind of lighting

You can achieve many benefits with the right kind of lighting that fits your space:

More comfort

Lighting has a significant impact on customer and employee experience and enjoying a space. Whether it is a single store, shopping mall, office, factory space, warehouse or a sports hall, well-designed and implemented lighting creates comfort for those who visit and work there.

Highlight products attractively

High-quality store lighting attracts people to shop, as the light can be used to direct the customer’s gaze and bring out the best in the products on the shelves. Versatile lighting solutions adapt to the needs of different business spaces: from bright and even shopping center lighting to the specialty store’s unique play of light and shadows.

Improve safety

Proper and space-appropriate lighting ensures safe and unobstructed moving, staying and working in the premises. Poorly lit working environment increases the likelihood of accidents at work, in addition to which, outdated lighting is even a fire safety risk at worst.

Create the space and atmosphere you want

Lighting affects the atmosphere of the space, i.e. how the space looks and feels. When the power and color temperature of the luminaire can be adjusted as needed, the same space can be utilized for many different uses – for example, from a physical training space to a televised arena for sports events.

Improve well-being at work

Functional and pleasant lighting of a space significantly improves well-being and coping at work. Lighting can support our natural circadian rhythms, which improves employees’ mental alertness and comfort.

Boost production

Efficient working methods require that the working ergonomics is in order. Poorly designed lighting interferes with concentration, while good lighting helps to work more accurately and efficiently.

Illuminate without glare

Glare is one of the worst drawbacks of light – it interferes with the performance of tasks and can cause tiredness and headache. Proper lighting is a part of the sensory sensitive environment. The right lighting design and solution ensures that the lighting is pleasant and supports the activities that take place in the space.

Reduce your carbon footprint

True reduction of carbon footprint is only achieved when, in addition to energy efficiency, attention is also paid to the materials used in luminaires. The main material of Purso’s luminaires is recycled aluminium, the manufacturing process of which saves up to 95% energy compared to the production of primary aluminium.

Support European know-how and work

You’ll identify SNEP® luminaires by the Key Flag symbol! Purso’s luminaires are designed and manufactured in Finland using materials from our own smelter’s recycled aluminium and the best components, a significant part of which comes from domestic and European suppliers and subcontractors. By choosing high-quality Purso SNEP luminaires for your application, you support Finnish and European know-how and work for the common good of us all.

ARE YOU DESIGNING LIGHTING? Purso SNEP® offers an almost unlimited amount of different possibilities to solve the lighting needs of different spaces.

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