Whistleblowing platform

Instructions concerning our whistleblowing protocol for Purso Group employees and partners

We operate and develop our business in a responsible and ethically sustainable manner. 

The whistleblowing platform is an electronic tool for Purso Group employees and partners that aims to minimize risks concerning our operations. The system is implemented to encourage adhering to law, our operating principles, and good business conduct, as well as promoting our values and guidelines. 

An addition to previously existing communication channels, the whistleblowing platform enables our employees and partners to report possible misdemeanors they have observed. This gives us a chance to fix, prevent or remedy misconducts and abuse. 

When should a report be filed using this platform?

We encourage you to always contact the responsible director, supervisor, or person primarily. 

The person filing the report should be convinced of the validity of their information and always operate with honesty and integrity. False accusations should not be made with malicious intent. Knowingly providing false information can result in legal actions. 

We hope that reports are submitted using real names for transparency. However, reports can also be filed anonymously.

Handling reports

All reports are processed with care and confidentiality by designated and trained individuals. Reports are processed within legally mandated timeframes. Handlers may request additional information and consultation from other persons in confidence. Persons implicated in the reports do not have access to submitted reports.

Protecting the whistleblower

The identity of the whistleblower will be kept secret throughout the entire process and will not be disclosed to implicated persons or other parties. The whistleblower will not be the subject of any countermeasures. 

Protection and access to data for the implicated persons

The information collected while processing the report is processed confidentially and is subject to relevant jurisdiction regarding data protection.

Deleting data

Personal information is stored in a confidential register. Information is stored for as long necessary for the purpose for which it has been collected and handled, or for as long as Finnish law and regulations concerning information storage mandate. 

You can file reports concerning the following companies using the whistleblowing platform: Purso Group Oy, Purso Oy, Linjapinta Oy, Purso AluCool Oy, Purso-Tools Oy, Fennosteel Oy, Nedal Aluminium B.V.

How do I submit a report?

A report can be filed quickly and securely by following the instructions in the form.