Customised lighting for industry, retail and warehouse spaces

SNEP® is a safe and flexible lighting solution for industrial halls, stores, storage buildings, sports and parking halls, and public spaces. SNEP® lighting is made to order at the Purso factory — and delivered quickly.

The luminaires offer style, efficiency and flexibility, which can be taken even further by means of frame design or special bracket than can be integrated into a ceiling system.

Select your space and find suitable luminaires for it

When you’re looking for a domestic and durable luminaire, you will find it at Purso. SNEP® luminaires are manufactured to fit their intended use at Purso’s factory in Nokia. As proof of their Finnish origin and Finnish-know-how, our SNEP® luminaires have been awarded the Key Flag symbol.

The energy efficiency of SNEP® luminaires starts with the manufacturing process, as they are made from energy- and resource-saving recycled aluminum. The luminaires are also fully recyclable, so after decommissioning, their materials will continue to live in new products.