Highlight on Hairdresser Products: Purso Lighting in the SIM Finland Logistics Hall

Purso illuminates the facilities of hair cosmetics enterprise SIM Finland. Completed at Ylöjärvi in 2019, the facilities have a surface area of 8,175 m2.  The complex is the result of a local partnership: both the lighting supplier Purso and the builder Meijou are from neighboring localities.

“The lighting is sufficient and even” 

Just like Purso, SIM Finland is a family enterprise that emphasizes balanced consumption and life-cycle thinking. Energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction are in focus at the new facilities. These efforts are supported by SNEP® by Purso light fixtures. 

Tatu Viherma, CEO at SIM Finland, says that the lighting solution has turned out to be excellent: 

– We have been very happy with the lights. The lighting is optimal in different rooms: the intensity and evenness of light are first-class. 

The room lighting is modern and optimized: for example, almost all rooms have motion detectors to keep the lights off when they are not needed, says Viherma. 

Warehouse lighting is bright and even.

Building for quality and energy efficiency 

SIM Finland’s old premises, constructed in the early years of the new millennium, became too small to keep up. To address this issue, Meijou Oy, a facility construction pioneer based in Tampere, was called in to help. The enterprise is specialized in high-quality and energy-efficient facility building, and it has constructed various business premises and industrial facilities in the Pirkanmaa region and elsewhere in Finland, the sizes of which vary from approximately 2,000 m2 to over 17,000 m2.

The stylish facilities of SIM Finland turn heads.

Meijou Oy Project Director Juuso Järvelä was responsible for the implementation and coordination of the SIM Finland facility project. Järvelä found the large-scale project very interesting: 

– SIM Finland required different kinds of rooms from storage and production to offices. The expert customer knew exactly what their operations required. We were able to combine different kinds of rooms into a stylish and functional whole. 

In terms of lighting, the precise criteria meant for instance achieving the agreed luminosity, which varies from location to location, such as from production workstations to warehouses. Järvelä says that lighting also played an important role in achieving the desired appearance for the facilities: for example, the lights used in the hair salon create a different kind of mood than the lights in logistics. 

– We worked closely together with the electricity designer and Purso to find the ideal light for each location, considering for instance what the correct shape of the cone of light should be. 

Järvelä thinks that quality and energy efficiency drive the operations of both Meijou and Purso. At the moment, Meijou is constructing A-class energy buildings certified with BREEAM and LEED environmental certifications.

Logistics lighting at SIM Finland premises in Ylöjärvi

Purso luminaries are local products 

Meijou was happy to go with local energy-efficient lights with a small carbon footprint, which also suit the client’s needs in many ways. Being local is an advantage, says Järvelä, but not enough by itself: 

– More than anything, we want to make responsible choices, which means that the entire life-cycle of the light matters from manufacture to the end of its service life. Solutions also need to make financial sense. The fact that Purso is a local supplier is the cherry on top of all this. 

The facility is used to manufacture products such as fragrance-free shampoos and conditioners as well as hair dyes. 

The optimal SNEP® lighting for all kinds of rooms: production, logistics, hair salon… 

Purso provides lighting solutions for all kinds of facilities. SIM Finland needed lights for production facilities, where chemicals are handled, and logistics, where it is important to achieve the optimal lighting in between the storage shelves. The hairdresser training facility however benefits from a softer light.

“We have many kinds of rooms with different lighting needs. Purso lights work excellently everywhere.” 

– Tatu Viherma, CEO, SIM Finland

SIM’s factory makes Scandinavian cosmetics from clean ingredients using solar power. All technical products are naturally fragrance-free.  

The hair cosmetics manufacturer also has its own hairdresser training facility supporting product development and industry training. While a warehouse for instance is illuminated brightly, here a softer light is better. 

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The SIM Finland facilities house a hair salon illuminated by Purso lights.