The Production Halls of Sievin Jalkine Are Illuminated by Finnish Purso SNEP® Lights

Kenkien valmistusta valaisevat Purson valaisimet.

The energy-effiicient, low-carbon, and fully Finnish SNEP® by Purso light is the choice of the largest footwear manufacturer in Northern Europe. Sievin Jalkine expanded their facilities in 2020. Purso light fixtures were chosen for the expansion, and they turned out to be so good that the decision was made to replace the fluorescent lights in the old facilities with the same fixtures.

Sievin Jalkine is a well-known Finnish maker of durable and high-quality professional and safety footwear. Making top-quality shoes is a precision process, where lighting plays an important role.

The premises illuminated by Purso lights are used for example for the cutting of leather and other materials, stitching, lasting, the making of soles, and finishing.

New hall lighting using the tried and true Purso SNEP® solution

The first official SNEP® light fixture delivery from Siuro to Sievi was done in 2020 for the new expansion. Sievin Jalkine CEO Juha Jokinen says that the choice of lights was however based on years of previous experience: “Purso provided us with a test light in 2015. It had worked flawlessly for years, so it was easy for us to choose the lighting supplier that is verifiably involved in Finnish quality work, just like us.”

The new extension features some 3,000 m2 of hall floor area. It was found that the most suitable tint there was not the regular 4,000 Kelvin temperature light, but instead a lighter tone of 5,000 K. It must be possible to secure an even and high quality of shoes by means of the lighting, so it is important that the color tones of the materials are seen well, says Purso Lighting Regional Sales Manager for Northern and Eastern Finland Juha Soirio. In addition to the natural color temperature, Sievin Jalkine also chose a high color rendering index: instead of the regular CRI of 80, the CRI of the hall lights is first-in-class at 90. The color tones in the materials are now seen better than ever, says CEO Jokinen.

LED fixtures in place of old fluorescent lights – in line with the RoHS directive

The lights in the new hall were greatly admired at Sievin Jalkine, Jokinen reports. The fluorescent lights in the old halls generated a pale light, so the difference in favor of the new was of course noticeable. The old fluorescent tubes had already begun to pose a fire safety risk:

– We had a few “close calls” with the old fluorescent tubes, where the fluorescent lamp ignited with a visible flame due to the malfunction of the ballast, says Jokinen.

Fortunately, nothing serious happened in those situations due to the swift action of the employees. However, it is reassuring to know that the risk posed by the old ballasts is not present with the new LED lights, says Jokinen. “Now I can sleep more peacefully at night.”

As such, the thought came up to replace the lights in the old halls as well to match the new extension. Over the recent years, Purso SNEP® LED lights have been installed in place of fluorescent lamps in the old halls, covering some 3,000 m2 of floor area. The solution is also in line with the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive, which took effect in the fall of 2023: it is now no longer allowed to even place new T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes on the market, because they contain harmful mercury.

Replacing light fixtures can reduce energy consumption by as much as 60 to 70%, so upgrading pays itself back soon. LED lights are also long-lasting and environmentally friendly in comparison to fluorescent tubes. Purso light fixtures have the additional benefit of having a comparatively small carbon footprint. Carbon footprint calculations are available in the SNEP® product selector.

How can high-quality hall lighting support well-being at work?

Color tone is also an important aspect of coping at work. Sievin Jalkine employees have said that so-called yellow light is tiring, and that it is easier to maintain energy levels in lighting that mimics natural light. Employees are always listened to at Sievin Jalkine, which has earned it the Ministry of Employment’s Good Employer Award.

It is of course important in the precise work stages of making shoes that the luminosity of the lighting is at least equal to office lighting and remains stable. Employees who have previously had migraines for instance have now commented that the new lights do not cause headaches.

The lights in the Sievin Jalkine halls claim accolades

It is the most important thing in the everyday business of Sievin Jalkine that employees are happy with the lights. In addition to the positive feedback from employees, they have noticed that the lights are often commented on positively and talked about when customers visit the factory. “Lively” is a word that comes up often, says Juha Jokinen. As a tip to others, he says that more businesses should consider the 5,000 K color temperature when choosing lights.

The even and bright light in the production facilities supports work well-being.