Tuultenristi office building – efficient construction with facade element system by Purso

The five-story building Tuultenristi was completed in Espoo, Finland, in the spring of 2023.

Tuultenristi office building was constructed on a site with limited space and a lot of traffic nearby. Purso’s facade element system, P76E, proved to be an excellent fit for this purpose.

Fast, cost-effective and adaptable P76E

Facade element systems are often associated with only high-rise construction. The Tuultenristi project is a great example of how it works exceptionally well for other applications, too.

Area Sales Manager Sami Oksanen tells the advantages of the facade element system: “Significantly less time is spent on the construction site. The quality is also better because most of the work is completed already in the factory.” In addition to the rapid installation schedule, the space usage is minimal, as the crane does not need to be on-site all the time. Tuultenristi rose in accordance with takt production principles.

Purso’s facade element system, P76E, looks beautiful on the upper floors of Tuultenristi (pictured). Additionally, our P50L systems are used in the building’s ground floors.

Purso’s product development involved throughout the project

Purso’s facade element system, P76E, is the basic solution for the project: “However, it can be customized and tailored for each specific project,” Oksanen says.

This project was done with the help of customer feedback: continuous planning, testing, and U-value calculations were carried out in close cooperation with the customer. “Metek Oü is a long-term customer of ours. In this project, both Purso and they had a multidisciplinary team from sales to product development,” says Oksanen. The company’s CEO, Erko Karo, mentions that the Tuultenristi project was architecturally challenging and in a difficult location. “However, the installation of Purso’s facade elements on the construction site was remarkably fast,” he praises.

Tuultenristi also features LK78 series opening windows that integrate beautifully with the facade element system.

Focus on sustainable construction and sustainable building

Tuultenristi is seeking LEED Gold environmental certification. The principles of sustainable development have guided the entire project, from material and construction method choices to recycling. The aim of the project is to create a sustainable and energy-efficient workspace. The building’s CO2 emission level was calculated at the beginning of construction and has been continuously measured. (Source: YIT)

Aluminum is an energy-efficient choice of building material. Purso has been committed to energy efficiency by signing an energy efficiency agreement back in 2016.

Finished facade on a fast schedule

The new era of facade construction is here! Purso’s new element systems are compatible with all fame and material types. The energy-efficient, weather-resistant, and maintenance-free facade element is quick to install and endures time and gaze even in demanding conditions. The construction is speeded up thanks to easy installation.

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