Solar panels will soon grace the new production facility in Purso business park

A brand new production building has risen to the Purso business park in Siuro. The building will in its entirety go to the use of Panteko Oy. As a familiar contractor for Purso, Panteko Oy executes further processing of aluminium profiles including sawing, piercing, machining, and welding.

The first machines have been moved to the new facility already in May and the production has started. The outdoor area and parking lots have gotten a polished appearance. Collaboration with the main contractor, Teräselementti Oy, has gone extremely well and the construction has advanced as planned during the winter and spring. The renewed parking area also takes into account electric cars by having 8 new charging slots. Space for expansion has been left as well keeping an eye on future needs.

One prominent addition is still on its way. In July-August, the roof of the building will be graced by a solar plant with a nominal power of 150 kWp. Solar panels will cover the southern side of the roof almost entirely which is approximately half of the roof surface area.