The renewed SNEP® product selector reduces clicking

The redesigned SNEP® product selector offers our customers the opportunity to design the right lighting for the premises anywhere and anytime. The new visual look and even better features make choosing a luminaire simple and fast. The product selector has been designed with the needs of our customers in mind and we’re constantly developing it. 

With the new product selector, it’s possible to customize either a single luminaire or all luminaires in a project at once. In addition to comfort, lighting tailored to the operating environment improves efficiency, safety, and productivity.

Purso’s SNEP® luminaires have been awarded with the Key Flag symbol as an indication of work done in Finland, and they offer an almost countless number of possibilities to solve the lighting needs of the premises. Using the SNEP® product selector, you can find a suitable lighting solution for public buildings, offices, industrial halls, warehouses, shops as well as sport halls and parking.

The result describes the lighting solution unambiguously

Defining a suitable solution for the operating environment used to take a lot of time from the designer, customer, and sales. In the SNEP® product selector, all the necessary information and different feature combinations can be seen at a glance – just right solution is selected from thousands of options without errors that might occur when specifying technical features in a traditional way. 

The SNEP® product selector guides its user step by step. Unsuitable options are automatically removed. The result as it is, tells both sales and production precisely what needs to be priced and manufactured. Designers of the premises, contractors and luminaire salespeople can independently define and design a flawless lighting solution. Thanks to the best solution option, instead of technical specifications, sales can help and consult the customer with repayment calculations or the commissioning of the luminaire, as an example. 

SNEP® product selector makes the order-delivery chain more efficient

If you haven’t tried the SNEP® product selector, it’s time to do it now! Implementation of the web-based tool is easy, and we’re happy to hear experiences and development suggestions about the product selector. 

The customized luminaires are saved to the cart, and when all the necessary luminaires have been defined, the cart has an overall view of the project’s luminaires. You can check the details of the selected luminaires, print product cards, download individual light distribution files for designing and request a quote. Plan lighting easy and quickly!