Design material

Design material about Purso’s aluminium building systems profiles can be downloaded directly from this site. The files are updated as needed. By downloading files from this site, you can make sure that you always have the latest version available. Design material can be downloaded in files comprising one building system series.

You can download

  • Profile and photo galleries for AutoCAD use in DWG format
  • Profile and photo galleries in DXF format
  • Purso’s Aluminium Building Systems product file in Acrobat PDF format

Building system products can be found here.

Downloading instructions

Right-click the DWG, DXF or PDF link and save the file to your computer. The DWG and DXF files have been compressed into ZIP packages using WinZip.

Purso Building System brochure
LK90eco Highly insulated window system
LK75eco Insulated window system
LK90H Highly insulated balcony door system
LK78H Highly insulated door system
LK78 Insulated door and window system
P50 Uninsulated door and entrance system
P80, E30, EI30 and EI60 fire resistant doors and partitions
P50L, P50LE, P60L facade systems
P50L glass roof
P50S Structural Glazing facade
Napsu slat system and other slats
Other systems
P50L EI30/EI60 fire resistance facade systems
Maintenance Manual
Purso door hinge selection
LK90eco_owo, Passive House Institute certificate
LK90eco, Passive House Institute certificate
LK100eco, Passive House Institute certificate