You can now identify Purso’s SNEP® luminaires by the Finnish Key Flag symbol

Purso’s SNEP® luminaires are designed and manufactured in Finland at Nokia’s Siuro, and we use recycled aluminium from our own smelter in Ikaalinen as the frame material. 

The Association for Finnish Work has awarded Purso SNEP® luminaires the Key Flag symbol. The symbol is an indication of the work done in Finland and Finnish know-how.
One of the most important criteria for awarding a Key Flag is that the company’s products and services are manufactured in Finland. In addition, the company must have a significant domestic holding, and the management must operate, and the headquarters must be in Finland.
– Purso is an over 60 years old Finnish family company. Domesticity, responsibility and operating close to the customer are deeply in the heart of our strategy, so the Key Flag perfectly describes us and our products, says Vesa Eerola, Purso’s Business Director.

– Purso’s SNEP® luminaires are both designed and manufactured in Finland, here at Nokia’s Siuro. We are a well-known Finnish company and the Key Flag is a great and respected recognition for our work, Eerola sums up.

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