Lighting at the AutoCenter Arena Sports Centre

Purso SNEP Lighting Systems provided the new AutoCenter Areena sports centre in Linnainmaa, Tampere, with energy efficient lighting. For instance, floorball at the national championship level and national team games are played at the centre. The premises can be flexibly altered to meet the needs of various events. 
Versatile and reliable high-quality luminaires from the SNEP Linear S+ series were selected as the lighting solution for the premises. Linear S+ is a long-lasting luminaire that provides an excellent quality of light. It has also been tested and deemed to meet the requirements set for luminaires utilised in sports facilities.
At the AutoCenter Areena sports centre, there are two multi-purpose fields side by side. When lighting sports facilities, the produced light must be even and of high quality, and it must not glare under any circumstances. The SNEP Linear S+ luminaire is equipped with low surface luminance, i.e., it provides a so-called low glare lighting. In addition, the televising of the matches played at AutoCenter Areena and picture quality technology also set high standards for the connection device.
The completely maintenance-free luminaires provide significant maintenance cost savings.  The DALI control system, which provides flexibility for specific lighting needs, is used for controlling the lighting. The connections have been carried out with ‘Plug and Play’ technology, which makes the installation quick and flexible. There is also a gym and a play centre for children in connection with the AutoCenter Areena sports centre, and the SNEP Linear luminaires were also used for lighting those premises.