A close partnership between aluminium professionals that benefits both parties

Purso and Norwegian metal and plastic supplier Astrup have formed a close partnership during their 16 years of collaboration. The mutually beneficial partnership is based on trust, communication and shared values.

Astrup is a leading supplier in the fields of metals and plastics, serving the Norwegian industry with everything in respect of aluminium, metals, plastic, stainless steel, special steel and titanium semi-finished products. Purso provides Astrup with special profiles for their customers.

The cooperation between Purso and Astrup already began in 2004. It started with one profile and from there has grown into a genuine partnership over the years. Today, Purso is Astrup’s main supplier for customized special profiles – last year they reached their biggest cooperation year to date.

It’s definitely a win-win situation that benefits us both. Astrup has a strong and well-known brand in their field”, says Pekka Myllykangas, Profiles and Components Sales Director from Purso.

Seamless design process

The companies work together in the design process to produce a completely tailor-made profile for each customer based on their individual vision and needs.

” What’s great about our partnership is that Astrup’s people are such true professionals. Their expertise, process understanding and ability to contribute to the design work reduces the need for our resources and speeds up the process considerably. That way we are able to provide profiles to customers quickly and efficiently”, states Myllykangas.

A trusted partner to help meet customer needs

Purso has been able to help Astrup tackle their customers’ challenges in a very concrete way. When Astrup received an enquiry for a rather difficult profile with very thin wall thickness, Purso was the only supplier who was willing to try to manufacture it, while other suppliers said it would be impossible to produce. Fortunately, the profile was made successfully – and that particular customer is now a very significant one for Astrup.

“We took a bit of a risk there, but it paid off. That is what we want to bring to the table: to go the extra mile to be a trusted partner for Astrup – one they can rely on with any challenge their customers might present them with”, tells Myllykangas.

The cooperation doesn’t stop in special profiles. Purso is able to provide comprehensive service through their entire offering from surface treatment to processing, such as machining, bending and welding. After buying Nedal Aluminium, Purso will be ready to meet the needs of Astup’s customers even better, by providing larger profiles than before.

Communication and similar values form a great partnership

The key to a successful partnership is good communication as well as sharing the same kind of values and mentality. Neither of the companies are looking to make a quick buck but aim at building long-term customer relationships. Their operation is based on longevity, reliability and transparency.

Both parties are very satisfied with the cooperation and say it has worked well.

“What I value the most in an aluminium supplier is a quick and correct answer so I can respond to enquiries customers send me. Also, Purso is extremely easy to work with, they are very flexible and hands on. They are always ready to try and come up with a solution to whatever my problem is”, Astrup’s Aluminium Profiles’ Product Manager Ola Berntsen summarises.