”Maintenance work is eliminated” – Purso’s luminaires brought AGCO Power’s production halls to the LED era

AGCO Power’s diesel engines will be manufactured at Nokia under SNEP® luminaires. 

AGCO Power is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of diesel engines. The company’s products are known for their high quality, and AGCO is always looking for even better solutions. As LED lighting became more common, AGCO wanted to keep up with the times. The goal was to have more energy-efficient, higher-quality and more reliable lighting. 

– We joined the Energy Efficiency Agreement already in 2010. When the first LED luminaires started to hit the market, we put several to test use. Despite the promises, the lights we tested were starting to flicker or otherwise break in less than a year. They couldn’t be trusted, recalls Jani Järvinen, the maintenance manager in charge of AGCO Power’s properties. 

However, the old fluorescent lamps were coming to an end, so a solution had to be found sooner or later. Eventually it was found surprisingly close. 

– One of our partners had a good experience with the luminaires that Purso manufactures on the other side of the lake. We decided to try them, although at first, I feared that the problems we had encountered in the past would recur. It’s now been five years since the first installations. I’m still waiting for those problems, because the luminaires still work flawlessly today, Järvinen says laughing. 

”The most important thing is that we can trust the product”

According to Järvinen, the maintenance work related to AGCO Power’s luminaires has dropped by as much as 95 % since the introduction of Purso’s luminaires in the manufacture halls. There have been no technical faults, and the luminaires must be replaced mainly when they’re accidentally hit, for example by a forklift. 

– In the past, we consumed fluorescent tubes pallet after pallet. Maintenance work had to be done frequently, so the transition to Purso’s luminaires has freed up considerable maintenance resources. 

There’s been no need to compromise on maintenance freedom, even though the luminaires in production halls must withstand a lot. 

– The temperature in the halls is high and the air quality is affected by machining work. For luminaires with plastic frames, this means that they harden and break apart easy. The aluminum frame of Purso’s luminaires eliminated these problems, Järvinen says. 

We’ve also saved time and effort thanks to the support received from Purso and the easy installation of the luminaires. 

– The fact that Purso has helped in all projects with lighting plans and energy calculations has added value to us, which makes the reporting of the Energy Efficiency Agreement smooth. The installation work is also quite fast. When the old luminaires are dismantled, the new ones are mounted on the same rails with a quick-install bracket. 

Higher quality light, more visually stylish halls

For an old industrial space, modernizing lighting is like a facelift. At AGCO Power, the old fluorescent lighting had a color temperature of 3500K. The new luminaires were ordered at a color temperature of 5000K, which is close to daylight. As a result, the premises look cleaner and work in them is more pleasant. According to Järvinen, the lux measured in the halls has risen from the former 400 to just over 500, although the number of luminaires and their need for electricity have decreased. 

– All in all, Purso has responded well to our lighting needs and has been a really good partner for us. There is nothing I could blame, Järvinen sums up.