Pyyniki Social and Health Centre


Building type:Health centre, 17,000 m2 of hospital and office facilities for social and health care services
Project type:New construction
Project contents:Facades, windows, doors and fire doors
Applied systems:P60L facade system, LK78 windows, LK78 doors and P80 fire doors
Design:Sigge Arkkitehdit Oy
Building contractor:SRV Pirkanmaa
Developer: Tampereen Tilakeskus Liikelaitos

Pyynikki Social and Health Centre’s glass facades, or the wells between the points, create slices of light and airy surfaces in the mass. Less wall-like, they provide maximum reflection and lightness to balance the copper.

Pyynikki Social and Health Centre provides many social and health care services under one roof. In addition to Tipotie Health Centre and a dental clinic, the building also houses mental health services, physiotherapy and occupational therapy services, social service centres for families with children of West and East Tampere, Pyynikki Maternity and Child Health clinic and a unit for children, young people and families.