Enhance comfort and accessibility in public spaces with durable novelty luminaires made in Finland

Purso’s new SNEP® luminaires combine quality and environmental friendliness with easy installation and maintenance. Aari and Novem luminaires are designed to meet the needs of public spaces. Their light distribution features help create a space that is comfortable and unobstructed as well as maintain users’ level of alertness and focus.

Aari and Novem luminaires come with quality-quaranteed, durable frames and high-quality components – they have long life cycles and top-class energy efficiency. The luminaires offer versatile control options and adjustable color temperatures.

In addition to quality, product design has focused on environmental values. Utilizing Finnish expertise, the carbon impacts of the structure and manufacture have been minimized. The products are designed and manufactured in Nokia, Finland – they have all been awarded the Finnish Key Flag Symbol.

The luminaires meet the requirements of the updated EN 12464-1 indoor lighting standard.