SNEP® Mode CR can now be found in the product selector – design work becomes simpler and faster

The versatile and quick-to-install Purso lighting line is constantly growing in popularity. Designing line lighting solutions is now even easier when SNEP® Mode CR can be found in Purso’s configurator. The lighting line can be used to create the desired lighting and atmosphere for the object, depending on the purpose of use.

With Purso’s lighting line, you get just the right light level and light distribution. SNEP® Mode CR, consisting of frame and corner modules of different sizes, is suitable for a wide range of locations, such as shopping centers, hospitals and public spaces. By utilizing different shapes, decorative solutions are created that not only illuminate but also look great.

– Purso’s light line can be for example hung or recessed into the ceiling, and thanks to the 3-phase track module, spotlights can be attached to the same unit if desired. In addition to easy installation, design work is now fast and simple thanks to SNEP® product selector, promises Purso’s Business Director Vesa Eerola.

Up to 9-pin trunk cabling runs in the lighting line’s frame module when needed. SNEP® Mode Core technology module is easy to attach to it with a quick connector and the SNEP® connection.

Design according to your own schedule

With the help of the SNEP® product selector, the planning of even a complex entity goes smoothly and saves time significantly. From the product selector, you can get all the necessary information about lighting – right up to the individual technical document. The configuration of SNEP® Mode CR is easy and smooth with the help of the product selector, and the designer has the project support of an experienced Finnish supplier at his disposal.

– You’ll get answers as soon as you enter the parameters, and the project won’t get stuck in the request for quotation phase. Among other things, it is easy to export light distribution files from the product selector directly to design programs. Purso’s experts are there for you, whether it’s the design of a lighting line for winding corridors or light squares and arrow lights for public spaces, says Eerola.

Durable luminaires from an experienced supplier

SNEP® by Purso products, such as LED lighting lines, are manufactured in Finland at our factory in Siuro. Purso has its own smelter that produces Purso Greenline® recycled aluminum as material for luminaire bodies and brackets. A low CO2 footprint and a long product life, high energy efficiency and a well-designed lighting plan are important factors in minimizing emissions during the product’s life cycle.

– Purso wants to make life easier for its customers. That’s why the product selector is also a well-thought-out solution that we constantly develop and improve. Our SNEP® products have also been granted the Key Flag symbol and the lighting lines are built to be easy to install and maintain, Eerola sums up.