SNEP® MODE P combines the best features of the discontinued luminaires

SNEP® MODE Z ja SNEP® Linear P luminaires are being removed from Purso’s selection. SNEP® MODE P, born as a result of long development work, is a more advanced solution in terms of features and connection methods than the discontinued luminaires. The sturdy novelty luminaire is a sensible choice for parking halls, production facilities and warehouses, for example.

The robust frame of SNEP® MODE P is made of Purso Greenline® recycled aluminium. The energy efficiency of the water and dust resistant luminaire is even better than its predecessors, as are the new connection and control solutions.

– We combined the best features of SNEP® MODE Z and SNEP® Linear P in a new luminaire. We were looking for a cost-effective solution for a long time. We were able to combine the aluminium frame and the optics of the luminaire in such a way that the product is easy to connect and still fully waterproof and dustproof, says product manager Eero Kuoppa from Purso.

Long lifetime and energy-efficient

Thanks to its wide light distribution, SNEP® MODE P is equally suitable for new buildings and renovation projects. The light output can be optimized to suit both small technical spaces and high shelf spaces, and the prismatic optics distribute the light evenly even on vertical surfaces, and the light doesn’t dazzle.

– A wide operating temperature range, a very high enclosure class and new product dimensions increase the number of possible applications. The product is an excellent solution to replace old T8 and T5 fluorescent luminaires. Lighting design and product selection is easy with SNEP® product selector, and our experienced project support will help you, if necessary, says Kuoppa.

Quick to connect without tools

The connection end of SNEP® MODE P makes the installer’s work easier. The lighting connection solution is easy and simple. The product doesn’t have screws to be tightened, gaskets or other parts that fall off easily. The product can also be selected pre-wired with a 5- or 7-pin connection, as well as equipped with various ready-made cables. The entire range of fasteners from the Mode series naturally fits all SNEP® MODE P products.

SNEP® MODE P has comprehensive intelligent control solutions and during the spring the selection will expand in these respects. The waterproof and dustproof control solutions are designed in such a way that they fit well with the appearance of the product and are not disturbingly protruding or easily broken. The design of the luminaire is elegant and classic.