SNEP® MODE S is a versatile and sturdy general luminaire

The MODE product family of SNEP® luminaries gets a new member with high IP65 enclosure rating. SNEP® MODE S is an excellent choice for commercial establishments, industrial spaces and general lighting in heights ranging from 3 to 10 meters.

High enclosure rating does not mean high price

MODE S is designed for medium-height spaces. Its high IP65 enclosure rating, combined with a wide range of operating temperatures and light output, allows for installation in various locations, says Ville Moilanen, Technology Manager at Purso:

– Even though the enclosure rating is so high, MODE S is very competitive, including both price and technical performance. That’s why it’s an excellent choice even if such high rating wasn’t necessary.

MODE S is suitable for various purposes:

– Thanks to its broad operating temperature ranges, MODE S suits to industrial usage, especially with industry-graded drivers.

MODE S is versatile also because it comes in three different lengths and offers several connection and mounting options. The environmental impacts throughout the product’s lifecycle have been minimized, says Moilanen, “It’s ensured by the luminaire’s recycled aluminum body, product’s energy efficiency, and its modern control methods.”

Designed for quick and easy installation

The connection end of SNEP® MODE S makes the installer’s work easier. The connection end is a familiar and popular technical feature known from SNEP® MODE P: The connection solution is straightforward. The luminaire is available with through-cabling, and it supports 5- or 7-pole connections.

The product doesn’t have screws to be tightened, gaskets or other parts that could fall off easily. T​he product doesn’t have to be disassembled and reassembled during the installation.

Long lifetime and energy-efficient

SNEP® MODE S has a life cycle in control and a low carbon footprint. The product is an excellent solution to replace old T8 and T5 fluorescent luminaires. Thanks to its excellent general light distribution, it’s always practical to have it in your stock, hints Vesa Eerola, Business Director at Purso lighting systems.

Like all SNEP® luminaires, MODE S can be delivered straight to the site, and the luminaires are effortlessly installable from group packages. With SNEP® product selector, lighting design and feature selection are straightforward. Our experienced sales and front office team is available for assistance whenever needed.