Luminary – an impressive tower in the heart of Tampere

Skanska Luminary
Skanska Luminary

The high-rising Luminary was built close to the railway station in Tampere, Finland. The building consists of two parts: a 21-storey tower and a 7-storey lamella building. Inspired by New York’s tower blocks, the building is at the heart of city life and represents modern-day downtown living at its best.

Luminary’s design was based on an environmentally friendly and high-quality apartment building, where residents can enjoy the magnificent city views that open up in front of them. The landscapes are brought as part of the home, for example, by using lift sliding doors on the balconies with more glass surface than a usual door.

Although the goal was a showy exterior, functionality wasn’t compromised. Modern residential technology solutions ensure that living in the heart of the city in the midst of changing seasons is pleasant.

– It’s great that more and more apartment buildings are being built with a lot of glass surface. In tall buildings, however, it poses its own challenges to energy efficiency and air tightness. The tightness and U-values of windows and doors used in tower buildings must be of the highest class. In an urban environment, attention must also be paid to sound engineering features, says Tommi Kahiluoto, Purso’s Business Unit Director.

The Purso ECO product family used in Luminary is at the forefront of energy efficiency in Europe, as it has a unique thermal break structure. It allows the property to have a good U-value and energy efficiency.

The LK100ECO lift and slide door used in Luminary is the only European slide door with a passive house certificate. It’s U-value is up to 0.65 W / m2K, Kahiluoto says.

Challenging construction in the hustle and bustle of downtown

Building a large apartment building in the center of Tampere was not a simple project. Luminary’s plot was quite cramped and centrally located, and at the same time there was also a tram site under construction.

Success required good planning and scheduling together with Normek, the metal constructer of the project. In addition to the smooth cooperation, the project emphasized Purso’s delivery reliability, which helped to ensure staying on schedule.

– In such a project, it’s important that the progress of the project is smooth and cooperation between the parties is seamless, Tommi Kahiluoto sums up.