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The Purso Group

Purso Oy

Purso specializes in the manufacture and further processing of aluminium profiles. The company is based at Siuro in Nokia.

Linjapinta Oy

Linjapinta is a subsidiary of Purso that specializes in the surface treatment of aluminium, including environmentally-friendly pre-treatment and powder coating. The company is located in Siuro.

Fennosteel Oy

Fennosteel is a medium-sized manufacturer of exhaust pipes and thin-wall tubes. The company’s main customers are importers of cars and wholesalers of car replacement parts. The company is based in Parkano.

Purso-Tools Oy

Purso-Tools specializes in the production of parts for heavy-duty diesel- and gas engines. The company is located in Pori.

Veme Oy

Veme’s main products are various assembled components made of sheet metal and tubular materials. The company is located in Laitila.