Fluorescent tubes to LED era – or is it worth replacing the entire luminaire?

The commonly used T8 and T5 fluorescent tubes will soon be removed from the market due to the mercury they contain. When updating the lighting is timely, the alternatives are replacing fluorescent tubes with LED tubes of renewing the entire luminaire. By changing the entire luminaire instead of just the light source, it’s possible to have a better influence on the quality of the lighting, such as the light distribution in the space. The luminaires originally designed for LED technology are also slimmer and therefore streamline the general look of the space.

– I’ve installed a lot of both luminaire and LED tubes. Changing just the tube could be compared to artificial respiration, because the lighting frame is often at the end of its lice cycle. A fluorescent luminaire is not originally designed for an LED tube, so the light is not necessarily distributed as planned in all cases, says Teemu Salo, lighting designer from Purso.

Controllable lighting is energy efficient and increases comfort

LED technology has many advantages. Compared to fluorescent tubes, LEDs are long-lasting, more environmentally friendly and can reduce energy consumption even up to 60–70%. Thanks to LED technology, the heat load is also lower, and there’s no harmful UV radiation in the light.

– An LED light tube illuminates directly downwards while an old fluorescent light mirrors and reflects light into a wider area. Incorrect light distribution can dazzle and affect comfort. The modern new-type LED luminaires enable versatile lighting of different spaces, says Salo.

Renewing the entire luminaire can bring other benefits as well, such as controllability, which isn’t possible with all old fluorescent luminaires.

– Dimming the lights and other adjustment options increase work comfort and save energy. For example, in parking halls, the lighting can be dimmed in areas where there’s no traffic. Dimmed lighting provides security instead of the lighting being completely turned off.

The SNEP® product selector suggests the most sensible options

Fluorescent tubes aren’t the only wearing part of luminaires designed for the tubes. Even though it’s relatively easy to replace a fluorescent tube with an LED tube, it’s not worth putting back the renewal of the luminaire for too long. When the luminaire’s frame reaches the end of its life cycle, it starts to fray. In addition, if the old choke is left on when replacing the LED tubes, it may even be a fire risk. Acquiring new lighting is an investment that pays for itself quickly. The SNEP® product selector makes determining the light solution effortless.

– I use Purso’s SNEP® product selector when planning the lighting. It makes it easy to tailor a suitable solution on any given environment, starting with the fasteners. Purso wants to make lighting design and installation as easy as possible for the customer, says Salo.

Luminaires made in Finland are also an environmental and a value choice. Purso’s SNEP® luminaires have been awarded the Key Flag symbol and they’re completely recyclable. In Purso’s selection, you can find a suitable RoHS-compliant option for any site.

– SNEP® Mode P is a good example of a cost-effective universal luminaire to replace old fluorescent luminaires. The sturdy framed luminaire is a good solution in terms of features and connection options for production facilities, among other places. You can often use the existing cabling for the installation. Contact us and ask more, Salo urges.