Get ready for the removal of T8 and T5 fluorescent tubes from the market – Purso helps with an optimized lighting solution

Due to the mercury contained in fluorescent tubes, they will be included in the scope of the RoHS directive next year. In practice, the change in the EU directive on electrical and electronic equipment means that light sources that are very commonly used will be removed from the market as early as August 24, 2023.

The RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive protects human health and the environment and reduces harmful waste. T8 and T5 fluorescent tubes containing harmful mercury are widely used, for example, in industry, school and healthcare facilities, and stores. According to Purso’s Technology Manager Ville Moilanen, the directive change should be seen as an opportunity. Now, if ever, is the time to act for a brighter future!

– Energy prices are at an unprecedented level, and as a society we are committed to increasing energy efficiency and carbon neutrality. So why wait until August? The earlier you fix the lighting, the faster you save energy. Due to the high price of energy, Purso’s optimized, controllable and energy-saving lighting solution pays for itself quickly. Finnish lighting is also an environmental and value choice.

Optimized lighting saves energy

You might easily think that an old fluorescent tube can easily be replaced with a LED tube. It’s not quite that simple: since fluorescent tubes are designed for fluorescent lighting fixtures, if you replace them with a different light source, the light output will also be different. The result may not be the best possible.

– The LED tubes cannot be controlled by the DALI system, which directly affects the energy efficiency during use. One important factor is also maintaining electrical safety in LED tube changes, which Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency Tukes, has given guidelines for, says Moilanen.

With SNEP® by Purso luminaires, different lighting needs and the modernization of lighting can be easily done with good efficiency, both in the office and in industrial premises of different IP classes. Thanks to the controllability, the light comes on when it’s needed, exactly at the light level defined for it.

– Tailoring SNEP® by Purso luminaires with the SNEP® product selector to the needs, our partner network and our experts all help in accomplishing lighting suitable for the premises. Improving vision, comfort and safety as well as saving energy are within your reach with high quality and reliability. Due to our capable and flexible production, our delivery reliability was 99.4% last year and we’ll continue to improve it, promises Moilanen.

Carbon footprint calculation for Purso’s products

Purso is committed to halving its carbon footprint by the year 2025. The energy-efficient, recycled aluminum Purso Greenline SNEP® by Purso product line contributes to creating a carbon-neutral, sustainably lit society. Finland’s goal is to be carbon neutral by the year 2035.

– The most significant part of lighting’s carbon footprint comes from emissions during use. The Purso Front Office lighting calculation service and partner network help to ensure that the efficiency of the lighting is the best possible thanks to control and optimization. It has a direct impact on energy savings and emissions. We are a responsible partner for lighting, also in the solution to the fluorescent tube ban, concludes Moilanen.

Moilanen is involved in the technology industry group of the Association of Finnish Lighting Manufacturers (AFLE), whose goal is to highlight the effectiveness of modern lighting through for example life cycle and sustainability benefits. In connection with this, Purso is enriching its product information with carbon footprint data starting from the end of the year 2022.

– Our ambitious goal is to implement comprehensive carbon footprint information throughout the entire product portfolio during the year 2023. We want to give our customers comparable information about the carbon footprint in an agile way and help for example design offices in meeting the responsibility requirements related to lighting design.