“It’s important to create an idea-rich atmosphere” – SNEP® luminaire product development combines the customer’s acute necessity with future lighting solutions

Ideas for new products are obtained from inside the house, from customers and partners, and by feeling the world market.

The product development of Purso’s SNEP® luminaires is guided by the desire to manufacture luminaires in which the stylish design is seamlessly combined with excellent functionality. The goal is a luminaire that is smart, easy to adopt and user-friendly – from production to installation and from the designer’s table to the end user. To achieve this goal, Purso listens to feedback and development suggestions throughout the order-supply chain.

– It is important for us to create an idea-rich atmosphere in which anyone inside or outside Purso can suggest new product ideas, from which to start conceptualizing new products or services, says Eero Kuoppa. In his new role as Product Manager at Purso, Kuoppa will focus particularly to ensure that customers’ needs are better understood in product development and become more concrete in Purso’s assortment.

Development does not end with the launch of a product

In product development, a significant advantage is achieved from the fact that Purso’s production is in Finland. When product development and production are in the same factory environment, the first series will be available for consideration as soon as they are completed. As we then proceed to the test installations, Purso engineers will participate in the field whenever possible.

– For example, when the updated SNEP® Mode CR product was launched last spring, we participated in the first installation, which was done in the middle of the night to minimize the possible interference. We sifted through, among other things, the customer’s experiences of the procurement process, installation instructions, covering note, packaging, and the installation of luminaires. A few good development ideas emerged from the field, which were discussed with our production and product development department. The agreed product changes were implemented in the next production series, Kuoppa says.

Looking to the future

In addition to customers’ acute needs, product development is also carried out in anticipation of the future. According to Kuoppa, one clear future trend is more intelligent spaces and systems.

– Intelligent luminaires with sensors and control systems enable easy-to-use and energy-efficient spaces where individual needs can be considered. In the future, luminaires will also increasingly serve as the backbone of data collection and communication. In addition to lighting, the collected information can also be used to control other systems in the building.

Eero Kuoppa, Product Manager

As a result of long-term development work, Purso is already well on its way into the future of lighting. Various options and possibilities related to intelligent lighting are constantly being developed and integrated into products.

– In the rapid development of technology, it is challenging to package products in a simple and easy-to-adopt form. We want to make sure that the solutions bought from us today can be expanded and updated in the future, as well. We observe the market from many angles. We have been involved in various development projects, we follow publications in the field, and establish long-term confidential relationships with our partners. Along with the rest of Europe, Finland is at the forefront of the development of intelligent systems in the world, Kuoppa says and states that it is great to work with real professionals.