Purso Greenline aluminium is becoming more popular – Inlook started using only recycled aluminium

Purso Greenline aluminium is produced using recycled aluminium scrap. Using Greenline has become more and more popular lately. “For a decade ago, only primary aluminium was considered as premium. Nowadays, with green values being on the rise, the attitudes have changed”, says Ander Åström, the director of Inlook.

Purso is a pioneer in recycled aluminium solutions

Aluminium is smelted in our own melting plant in Ikaalinen. After smelting, the aluminium is cast into billets and extruded to products again. The eco-innovation Greenline is the first Finnish production line that can extrude recycled aluminium. It’s even one of the first in the world.

Recycled aluminium is a superior raw material.

Interior constructor Inlook: “The right time for climate actions is now”

Inlook Group from Finland has solutions for new and renovation building, head construction and material services. Anders Åström, the manager of Inlook, says they’ve had years of discussion about making concrete actions for environment. Many companies buy themselves extra time by aiming for he future (year 2030) – “but we decided that the right time is now”. Inlook started buying only recycled aluminium in September 2022. Before that half of their products were made of recycled aluminium, so the change was significant.

Before taking this step Inlook had to take tests to be sure that aluminium retains its properties well enough even after recycling. “In the beginning of the century, only primary aluminium was considered premium. Nobody wanted to use trash!” laughs Åström. He says nowadays it’s quite the opposite.

Åström is proud to say they can genuinely promote the sustainable and efficient use of natural resources with their actions. “This is exactly something every company should do. Greenline is not fake or green washing: the benefits are indisputable and can be measured numerically”, says Åström, who is well familiar with aluminum and the entire Nordic aluminum industry.

Recycled aluminium makes sure the carbon footprint is small.

Genuine environmental actions are valuable – even in money

Customer who uses Greenline aluminium receives Purso Greenline certificate to guarantee that the product is made of recycled aluminum from start to finish. Certificate can be used in customer’s own marketing.

Circular economy is central the entire construction industry, from planning to final implementation, says Åström. “Architects are very conscientious: they want to design projects guided by environmental values, and they also know that such smart solutions sell well.”

The new construction law, taking effect 2025, also requires that low carbon emissions must be demonstrated, and it may even be a condition for obtaining a building permit. “Already now, the use of recycled aluminum is a requirement for the client if, for example, a LEED Green certification is being sought for the building”, says Åström.

Purso and Inlook have collaborated for decades, says Markku Nieminen, Key account manager at Purso. Purso and Inlook continue working Working together towards sustainable and responsible consumption and production practices and solutions.