Purso Group Acquires Minority Stake in Dutch Company CityCharge BV

Purso Group is happy to share it has acquired a minority stake in Dutch company CityCharge BV. CityCharge, together with Nedal Aluminium BV (member of the Purso Group), have developed integrated charging points for electric vehicles within aluminum lighting columns, utilizing existing public lighting infrastructure. CityCharge’s intelligent and secure charging points in the superior aluminium columns of Nedal, eliminate the need for separate electric vehicle charging stations and related infrastructure along the roads in densely populated urban areas. Furthermore, CityCharge’s charging points are aesthetically pleasing and seamlessly blend into the urban landscape.

Collaboration and Innovation for a Sustainable Future

The partnership between CityCharge and Nedal Aluminium represents a strategic and logical step towards a sustainable future as part of the Smart City development. This acquisition will enable the integration of CityCharge’s EV charging solutions into Nedal’s lighting columns, supporting the climate goals outlined in the UN climate agreement.

Nedal’s expertise in material technology and CityCharge’s understanding of electric vehicle users’ needs offer a unique opportunity for innovation in the electric vehicle charging solutions market. Through this collaboration, a safe lighting column equipped with two charging points is created, along with an innovative charging solution that can harness other Smart City technologies, such as vehicle-to-grid power transfer and load balancing. Additionally, these lighting columns can accommodate features like 5G mobile network base stations.

CityCharge BV:

CityCharge BV focuses on developing intelligent, sustainable, and user-friendly charging solutions for electric vehicles, utilizing existing public lighting infrastructure and other public amenities. CityCharge has introduced a dual socket charging point integrated into an aluminum lighting column, which can be easily and safely installed in streetlights.

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Fred Jonkman, Sales Director Nedal Aluminium B.V., p. +31 (0)30 292 5782

Heimen Visser, CEO of CityCharge BV, phone: +31 651 25 95 28