Purso Testing Center – Researched product solutions from the new R&D center

Testing Center is Purso’s new research and product development center in Siuro, Nokia. Purso can now test a customized solution for the customer already in the product development phase. Due to tested information, the use of doors, windows and facade structures is optimal in all conditions, throughout the entire life cycle.

Thanks to the Testing Center, bringing a new, customized product to the market can be done quickly. Verified information is already available in the early stages of product development. Official tests are carried out in the Testing Center, validated, and reported by a third party.

– We can test a new facade structure tailored to the customer, for example. We also do informal tests during the product development with a low threshold. That way we’ll see in which direction the product should be developed, says Maarit Mäntysaari, R&D Manager from Purso.

Tested choices already in the product development phase

The new Testing Center has a weather testing device, a laboratory, and a versatile machinery. If necessary, officially validated product development and testing projects can be implemented even on a fast schedule.

– The Testing Center has all the tools needed for proto production. With the help of the new CNC-machine, we ensure that the information entered into the Purso-Cal program about the product to be processed for the customer is correct. Potentially patentable solutions are also designed and tested in product development, says Mäntysaari.

The biggest investment in the Testing Center was the weather testing device. The air, water and wind resistance of the construction products or their parts are tested with a certified device. The properties are tested in real operating conditions.

– For example, when testing a window, a certain amount of water comes out of the chamber’s water nozzles per square meter, as well as suction and pressure. The device simulates even the most difficult weather conditions. If the pressure is let’s say 900 pascals and water is added to that, it already corresponds to a huge storm.

The new weather testing device is already in working order, and official tests will soon begin in Purso. Testing products exposed to wind and rain is necessary both for the law and for sustainable product quality control.

Welcome to watch the testing of your product

Purso’s new Testing Center is located in Siuro, Nokia, in a business park near the factory’s main building. Thanks to the illuminated logo, the Testing Center is easy to find.

– Our previous test center, known as a prototype workshop, was quite small and only intended for our own use. Now our customers are welcome to watch the testing of a product tailored to them, among other things, Mäntysaari says delighted.

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