SNEP® Mode C has been updated – the same luminaire now suits more and more spaces

The Purso SNEP® Mode C product family has gained extra boost: new and more efficient luminaires illuminate with high quality from an installation height of up to 20 meters.

The first and foremost characteristic of the Mode C product family luminaires is applicability. The luminaire is available in a wide range of different frame lengths and optical features, so the same luminaire category enables access to several different spaces. Thanks to the latest product update, the applicability is even wider, as the C family luminaires now have an even more powerful light engine.

– The excellent thermo-technical solution of the luminaire enabled the introduction of a more efficient light engine. Mode C luminaires combine an exquisite structural solution, the best LED components in the market and excellent thermal conductivity of the aluminium used as the frame material. We were positively surprised ourselves by the outstanding results of the first temperature tests, says Ville Moilanen, Technology Manager at Purso.

With the update, Mode C luminaires can be used at installation heights of up to 20 meters. Its luminous flux covers, among other things, the lighting needs of various industrial, sports, and logistics facilities.

Energy-efficient illuminance

Although the luminaire is efficient, it does not consume unnecessary energy. Like other Purso’s SNEP® luminaires, Mode C’s energy savings start from the manufacturing process. The frame material is Purso’s own recycled aluminium, Greenline, in addition to which the best possible LEDs and ballasts have been selected for the luminaire. Thanks to these and its versatile optical solutions, the illuminance required in the space is created efficiently regarding both energy and life cycle.

– The energy-efficient components we use have a long life cycle. They also withstand environments that are challenging for electronics. Not forgetting Mode C’s thermal management, which keeps the components as cool as possible, Moilanen says.

The product selector makes it easy to choose the right luminaire for your needs

When all Mode C variations are taken into account, there are up to millions of different options available.

– Because there are many options in the market, choosing the right luminaire for your needs can be challenging. We want to support your selection with our SNEP® product selector, which brings together all the information you need for design work. Among other things, it is easy to export light distribution files directly from the product selector to design programs, Moilanen suggests.

Learn more about Mode C in the SNEP® product selector