The luminaire’s journey from design to customer

Purso manufactures luminaires flexibly according to the place of use. The high energy efficiency of the luminaires is based on the best electrical components and a carefully designed optical solution.

The journey from idea to implementation has been made easy – we help you from design to use. Purso’s focus is on responsible and domestic manufacturing as well as security of supply.

You can identify SNEP® luminaires by the Finnish Key Flag symbol

Added value for the customer from start to finish

STEP 1: Contact and offer

Just contact our sales and you will get a professional team to support you. We will help you to make the right choices for your premises. The site-specific product selection on our website helps you find the best solution for your business, and the SNEP® Product Selector refines your search for the most suitable, domestic, and energy-efficient product. For inspiration and technical data check out the SNEP® by Purso YouTube channel

The SNEP® Product Selector gives you all the information you need, from the desired luminaire to the individual technical document and fuse tables, brackets, and light distribution files. You can also retrieve an individual product document from the product selector based on the electricity number. According to the product code and the electricity number, our sales will quickly make the necessary pricing. We are constantly developing the features of the SNEP® Product Selector to better meet your needs. 

STEP 2: Design and customization

SNEP® by Purso luminaires are built to be easily customized. By choosing the right length, optics, lumens, control methods, connections and brackets for the luminaire, the best solution for the place of use is created. When you send us the necessary information about the site, we can help in the best way – an electrical image and, if possible, a valid floor plan. 

Our lighting design knows the standards and the products. You will receive a reliable calculation for further processing or to use as a basis for electrical design, as well as the necessary luminaire-specific technical documents. The luminaire masses are easy to calculate based on an efficient plan. 

The suitability of the luminaire is affected by the surrounding temperature, humidity, air conditioning and dust, as well as the burning time and control of the luminaires. And the purpose of the premises – whether it’s a classroom, an industrial space, a commercia store or something else. Based on that, we know what standards to follow. Also let us know any certificates you want and other significant boundary conditions before we start planning. 

STEP 3: Responsible production 

Purso has its own smelter, which produces Purso Greenline® recycled aluminum to be used in SNEP® by Purso luminaire bodies and brackets. We are constantly developing our production in accordance with the Lean principles. In all development work, we take occupational safety and well-being into account, for example by improving work ergonomics. 

SNEP® by Purso products are manufactured in our Siuro factory. We take domesticity into account in the development of our supply chain, and we work long-term with our supplier partners. The Finnish supply chain is also making a strong contribution to further reducing the CO2 footprint of our products. Together, we minimize waste and emissions. 

The low CO2 footprint and long product life, high energy efficiency and a well-designed lighting plan are significant factors in minimizing the product life cycle emissions. The low CO2 footprint of Purso Greenline® aluminum used in our luminaires is only a fraction of that of the primary aluminum typically used in luminaire products. We are also proud to say that Purso is committed to the ambitious goal of halving the CO2 footprint of its operations by 2025, which will be directly reflected in our products. 

STEP 4: Schedules and delivery

We will schedule project deliveries together with you, and we will deliver the as agreed. We consider the adequacy of resources and components in the schedules before issuing an order confirmation. So, you can count on our delivery times. 

We also take responsibility into account in project deliveries. We minimize the use of packaging materials and only use responsible transport companies. In project deliveries, our products are packed on recyclable wooden pallets in a group package, from which the luminaires are easy to lift for quick installation – without any extra waste. 

Contact us and we will help you choose a suitable lighting solution!

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