The many advantages of aluminium: recycled aluminium is an ecological, durable and flexible material

Aluminium offers to construction many advantages over other materials. These include e.g. durability, freedom of maintenance, appearance, and ecology. Purso Greenline is Finland’s first product line utilizing recyclable aluminium.

“As a material, aluminium is attractive, durable, and fully recyclable. Recycled aluminium consumes only 5% of the energy used to produce so-called primary aluminium”, says Sami Oksanen, Regional Export Manager for Purso Building Systems.

Almost 50% of Purso’s aluminium profiles are made from recycled aluminium billets made by Purso’s own smelter. With its Greenline production line, Purso meets the needs of the market, as environmental friendliness has quickly become one of the main criteria for projects.

Tailor-made solutions take into account the entire life cycle

Purso is an internationally operating manufacturer of aluminium profiles and components. Purso’s strengths include its own building systems developed for Northern conditions and experience in tailoring project-specific solutions. The luminaires manufactured by the lighting unit are always designed and manufactured to fulfil the application requirements.

“In addition to the energy efficiency of the actual lighting, more and more attention is being paid to the entire life cycle of the solution, meaning whether the manufacturing is energy-efficient, and the materials are recyclable,” explains Vesa Eerola, Business Director of Purso Lighting.

Purso offers solutions completely tailored to the customer’s wishes. ‘’This means continuous and agile innovation as well as product development together with designers and contractors. It is important for us that designers and contractors can be in direct contact with us in all their issues and problems”, Oksanen says.

Purso is customizing a new type of window frame for the Scandic hotel, which will be completed at Helsinki Railway Station, in collaboration with designers: “With the help of the solution we developed for the site, the glass was brought to the level of the concrete shell prestige and energy-efficiently without a cold bridge from the outside structures inside”, Oksanen talks about the innovative implementation.

For luminaires, customization and problem solving may mean, for example, adapting the size, light distribution, connectivity and install ability to suit the destination.

“We delivered a prototype to the Ratina shopping center in Tampere within three days of familiarizing ourselves with the site’s suspended ceiling system. At the same time, we were able to solve the electrical and mechanical challenges related to the installation”, says Eerola.

Only the designer’s imagination is the limit

Internationally, Purso’s growth is driven by, among other things, the advantages of non-combustible, corrosion-resistant, and maintenance-free aluminium as a material for building systems. Aluminium complies well with the designer’s vision and is suitable for modular construction. The NAPSU car park project in Aalborg, Denmark, won an architectural competition organized by the municipal government last year. The victory was justified by the aesthetics, lightness, graphics, and innovation of the aluminium facade solution.

The facade solution manufactured by Purso consists of aluminium lamellas that filter out natural light and protrude from the wall. The lamella systems are easy to install and can also be replaced if necessary. The project was designed by the Danish Architect’s office Sangberg.

Product development and manufacturing under one roof – all from Finland

In Finland, strong know-how and domesticity give Purso a great competitive advantage: “We have product development and manufacturing under one roof. We are happy to help designers and builders at the earliest possible stage of the projects, in which case the entirety becomes technically efficient and cost-effective”, Oksanen sums up Purso’s customer-oriented operations.