The new era of facade construction is here! Finnish element systems speed up construction even more

Purso has launched new element systems that are compatible with all fame and material types. The energy-efficient, weather-resistant, and maintenance-free facade element is quick to install and endures time and gaze even in demanding conditions.

– The new facade element systems are designed, tested, and manufactured in Finland to withstand northern conditions. With a 100% Finnish product, you get a complete and ecological result even on large facade surfaces, says Lauri Hautanen, Key Account Manager of Purso’s building systems.

Perfectly finished result at once

Disadvantages of traditional prefabricated construction include the number of seams, limited customization, and precise installation tolerances. Purso has a new solution to these problems – pre-assembled elements in factory conditions that are easy to transport, store and install.

– The share of labor costs plays a significant role in all construction. When factory manufacturing and the construction phase can be overlapped, the overall project time speeds up significantly and costs are saved without compromising quality, states Hautanen.

The construction is speeded up thanks to easy installation, and there are no visible, black sealing grooves on the elements. Only the highest quality of the responsibly produced materials and components are used in the elements, such as gaskets and thermal breaks. Decorative slats can be attached to the system, and the combination of glass and solid part and their materials can also be customized.

– The element systems can be manufactured from 100% Purso Greenline aluminium, which comes from Purso’s own smelter. The degree of factory manufacturing of the Purso element system and the speed of on-site installation are among the highest on the market. Get in touch and ask more, urges Hautanen.

Purso’s facade system made the construction of Tuultenristi more efficient

The office building Tuultenristi was constructed in Tapiola, Espoo on a small site with traffic nearby. Purso’s facade element system, P76E, proved to be an excellent fit for this purpose.
Erkki Kero, CEO of our client Metek Oü, says the Tuultenristi project was architecturally challenging and in a difficult location. “However, the installation of Purso’s facade elements on the construction site was remarkably fast,” he praises.

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