Gasket manufacturer TT Gaskets replaced luminaires in all halls

Work safety is ensured with high-quality industrial lighting.

The Tampere-based seal manufacturer acquired SNEP® luminaires initially for one hall. The result was so good that eventually, it was decided to replace the luminaires in all hall properties (12,000 m2).

Industrial Lighting – Light for Manufacturing Industry

TT Gaskets produces gaskets for various industrial needs in Janka, Tampere. Over the decades, the need for additional hall space has arisen several times. When the latest hall extension was completed in 2020, the discussion revolved around the most suitable lighting solution.

In manufacturing production, lighting plays a crucial role: good industrial lighting ensures the success of our meticulous work, says Teemu Piipponen, Production Manager at TT Gaskets.

TT Gaskets’ production premises involve precise work. Good industrial lighting helps to see clearly.

Manufacturing high-quality gaskets requires sharp vision. Light must reach the ground in nearly six-meter-high halls. In addition to workstations, light is needed for shaded areas, corridors, and next to machines. Uniformity in lighting is a crucial factor in production spaces, says Tuomas Arha, Purso’s Regional Sales Manager for lighting.

– Industrial lighting is its own kind: in such spaces, there are many machines, devices, and ventilation pipes that must be precisely considered in lighting design to avoid sharp shadows or dark areas. With the expertise of Purso’s lighting designer and smooth cooperation, such challenges were addressed, Arha continues.

Procurement Manager Teemu Sillanpää, responsible for the luminaire offers, says that Purso’s professionalism convinced them. Factors such as the luminaires’ long lifespan, energy efficiency, fire safety, controllability, and low carbon footprint were crucial in the luminaire selection, according to him.

– The quality of these luminaires is excellent, and the price-performance ratio is outstanding, summarizes Sillanpää.

Even the old luminaires were replaced easily

The lighting in the hall completed in 2020 received much praise.

– The only downside was that when the light intensity was so good, the dirt became apparent, so we had to have a cleaning session! Laughs Production Manager Piipponen.

Therefore, TT Gaskets decided to replace the lighting in all their production premises with the same type as in the new premises over the next two years. In the starting situation, there were various luminaires from different decades in the halls.

– We could conveniently use the old luminaire rails, cables, and power supplies, so the replacement went smoothly, says Piipponen.

Most recently, the lighting in the old bakery hall was updated as part of an energy renovation in the summer of 2023. The project surprised that now only workstations needed task lighting, and otherwise, general lighting is sufficient. Piipponen says that the even, pleasant light has received praise from the employees.

Optimized industrial lighting as part of an ambitious sustainability strategy

Efficient industrial lighting provides light for workstations in a six-meter-high hall.

TT Gaskets aims for carbon neutrality by 2027. Low-carbon footprint products, with a frame made of recycled aluminum, support this goal. Automatic control of luminaires significantly reduces energy consumption. Currently, lights turn on according to scheduled work shifts and movements, says Sillanpää.

Previously, lights could burn unnecessarily due to human forgetfulness, adds Piipponen.