Kempower Fast Charging Solutions Rely on Purso Manufacturing Technology

The Finnish Kempower is a manufacturer and provider of fast charging technology and solutions for electrical vehicles. Kempower designs, manufactures, and sells DC fast chargers for electrical vehicles, vessels, and boats. Their world-famous charger stations require extensively further processed aluminium profiles, which are supplied by Purso. “Purso is a domestic, high-quality, and competitive supplier”, says Ari Nurminen, Senior R&D Engineer (Kempower).

Technical design and product development in partnership with the customer

The Kempower solution range covers the fast charging needs of passenger cars, ships, and heavy utility vehicles. Needs are therefore varied, and Purso’s experience and technical expertise have been invaluable. Ideal solutions for aluminium-frame satellites are the result of a close product development partnership, says Pekka Myllykangas, the CSO in charge of the account.

Ari Nurminen (Senior R&D Engineer, Kempower) has good things to say about working together with Purso:

– Purso can do customer-focused customizations quickly, and we have received all the support we need in the design stage and in change management.

Solving technical challenges is a source of inspiration for the people at Purso. The best product solutions are generated when the needs and competencies of the customer are combined with the experience and skills of Purso in component design.

Our sales team went on a business visit to see the production and procurement operations and to learn about the latest developments in charger technology. (2023)

Further processing of aluminium is Purso’s strength

Purso’s special competencies include the bending, machining, and surface treatment of aluminium profiles. Nurminen praises Purso’s ability to make the profiles for Kempower Satellite chargers “accurately and refined to an installation-ready state”.

Purso is responsible for the entire multi-stage chain: first, the aluminium profiles for the Kempower chargers are extruded. Next, the surface of the profile is treated by means of anodization. The piece is machined to its finished state, including the installation of fittings; for example, holes are cut for installing displays. Finally, it is painted, after which the part is ready for assembly.

The wonders of aluminium and electricity – towards a low-emission future

Kempower seeks to facilitate a cleaner and smarter future by providing high-quality charger solutions. Myllykangas says that it is a pleasure to be involved in the realization of that mission.

– From my personal experience, I can say that Kempower chargers are the best on the market from the point of view of the user as well: their operating logic for instance is foolproof.