Studying under SNEP® lighting

In Vaasa, upper secondary high school students study in a well-lit building designed by architect J.J. Ahrenberg (1898). During the renovation, Novem luminaires were replaced into its classrooms, and the traditional assembly hall received extra impressive lighting with a light line. The high-quality SNEP® lighting enhances well-being in the everyday life of the school. 

An environmentally conscious city uses Purso luminaires 

Vaasa City has set a goal to be a carbon-neutral city during the 2020s. This goal is supported by luminaires with a low carbon footprint. Purso’s SNEP® product selector calculates the carbon footprint of luminaires. 

Risto Herttua, an electrical specialist in the property department of Vaasa City, praises the cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency of Purso fixtures. 

– We have lots of properties and thus the renovation needs are extensive. With Purso luminaires, we have gained excellent solutions for many purposes.  

In recent years, SNEP® luminaires with low carbon footprint have been installed in many schools and sports halls around the city: Gerby, Onkilahti, Hietalahti, Huutoniemi, Teeriniemi… 

Joonas Jaskari, working at Pohjanmaan SA-sähkö, was responsible for the school project and has previously often installed SNEP® luminaires in other locations. 

– I’m always happy when I see that Purso luminaires are included in the plans because they are so reliable. Moreover, the installation is very smooth, says Jaskari. 

“Purso has excellent customer service” 

Lighting designer Sami Tiilikainen (Granlund Oy Pohjanmaa), who supervised the project, says he is very satisfied with the cooperation with Purso. 

– Professional design help is easily accessible from Purso. Timetables are kept, and cost information is readily available, which is important for the client. 

Jaskari also says that he has always appreciated Purso as customer service: 

– We have been collaborating for a long time already, and everything has worked very well – even problems have been solved quickly, flexibly, and professionally. 

School lighting according to the standard

Mathematics teacher Kasperi Lemmetty says there were constant problems with “the old lamps” before the renovation: 

– All the time, some light would stop working, and we had to call in property services. With these, we have no problems, and the lighting works as it should. 

Good general lighting is important in everyday study life, says Lemmetty: math students, for example, draw and write. The teacher moves around the classroom a lot to help students with calculations and has noticed the benefits of the new lighting: there are no “unwanted reflections” from students’ computer screens. 

The Novem luminaires hanging in the classrooms provide both direct and indirect light. This is recommended according to current lighting standards. 

– The Novem luminaire has an excellent top light source that shines at an angle of 120 degrees upwards. It is proven to be better for the eyes if the surroundings are also illuminated. This is because the eye seeks light, so the contrasts between darkness and light strain the eyes, says Purso’s Area Sales Manager Tuomas Arha. 

Indirect light also provides an impressive effect, which can be seen in the assembly hall where a light line is installed. The old luminaires in the classic hall were not touched; only the old fluorescent tubes were replaced with an elegant light line, says Risto Herttua, who was responsible for the collaboration with design and supervision from the client’s side.

The light line in the assembly hall is made of recycled aluminum.