The iconic Scandic Hamburger Börs got a new look

The renewed Hamburger Börs hotel in Turku has opened its doors. The new building designed by architect Janne Helin and constructed by YIT combines different styles and fits wonderfully into the surrounding building stock. At the same time, the oldest part of the building, protected by Finnish Heritage Agency, was renovated. The hotel has been serving customers on the edge of the market square since 1894.

The metal structures were manufactured and installed by Raision Metalli Oy, a long-term partner of Purso. As a result of the cooperation, the hotel received, among other things, Purso’s glass ceiling and walls, facade systems, interior and external doors and, as a pilot project, new P94 fire doors. The large-scale cooperation lasted more than a year.

– We’ve worked with Purso for decades in public administration sites, commercial buildings, apartment buildings as well as warehouses. Purso’s product selection is versatile, and the products have excellent U-values. As a Finnish building system supplier, they are also known in architectural circles, says CEO Janika Tavola from Raision Metalli.

The high-quality, insulated fire doors withstand time and usage.

High-quality building systems are an ecological choice

The 272-room hotel is now more energy efficient and more modern in terms of technology. At street level, there are commercial spaces with large windows and a modern room height. The reception and the restaurants are in the new building, whose 9-story wing rises into the courtyard. Purso supplied for example more than 500 interior doors, which were gradually installed in the hotel floor by floor.

– Purso’s aluminium profiles were delivered to us as long profiles and we processed them into finished products according to the architect’s wishes. We manufactured, glazed, and installed the products. The glass walls and exterior glass came from them as modules. Purso’s professionals helped us in selecting the profiles and frame depths for the large glass walls of the main entrance and in technical matters among other things, thanks Toivola.

Raision Metalli is used to managing large-scale projects by manufacturing versatile building products and systems from both aluminium (approx. 70%) and steel (approx. 30%). Cooperation with Purso is seamless.

– Excavating the parking hall Toriparkki made logistics hard. The delivery for the installation work on the market square’s side became difficult due to the construction pit and the narrow passageways. However, Purso’s reliability of delivery can be trusted, and I recommend their well-thought-out domestic building systems for everyone

Most energy-efficient P94 exterior fire doors on the market

Fire safety is a key issue in building design. Purso delivered effectively insulated P94 E130 exterior fire doors to Hamburger Börs as a pilot project. The newly launched glass wall and fire door combinations still had to be officially approved in Turku.

P94 exterior fire doors combine fire resistance and energy efficiency in an unprecedented way.

– Purso delivered the fire test reports to the fire consultant. The schedules changed a little bit, but we were on schedule. The energy efficiency and usability of Purso’s fire doors are top class. The wonderful hotel is ready, and the result of our cooperation can be admired, for example, from the Börs Katto roof bar, which has great views of the market square through Purso’s glass walls, says Tavola.