NAPSU louvre slat system is thriving in Denmark

A durable and attractive choice for building facades

NAPSU is easy to both install and maintain and offers plenty of choice for designing a unique facade. With NAPSU, you have a wide range of colors to realise your vision in detail. In addition to the existing shapes and designs, you can also design new ones. The NAPSU system can be integrated with glass, lighting and wood, for example.

Napsu is on the rise in the Architecture Capital of the World

In Denmark, Napsu louvers are used in versatile ways and for various types of targets, says Product Manager Lauri Hautanen.

In Copenhagen and its surrounding areas, it’s evident that Denmark is a pioneer in design – also in the use of the Napsu slat system. Green values are a growing trend in Nordic construction, Hautanen explains.

– The Danish projects are made of low-carbon Greenline recycled aluminum.

Several applications for NAPSU

Typical NAPSU buildings are parking houses. However, the product leaves room for creativity, and its application areas are diverse: residential construction, office building construction, and decoration. For example, in the new Bridge Hospital, golden anodized louvers have been used in ceiling structures, Hautanen hints.

Sustainable building

Current construction is guided by many environmental certifications, such as BREEAM and LEED. When aiming for a sustainable and energy-efficient building, sustainable development principles are implemented throughout the entire project, from material and method choices to recycling. Infinitely recyclable aluminum is an excellent choice as a building material.

Inlook started using only recycled aluminium

Purso Greenline aluminium is produced using recycled aluminium scrap. Using Greenline has become more and more popular lately. Purso is a pioneer in recycled aluminium solutions.

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